Workout session

Create a PLAYLIST ITINERARY for your sports and workout sessions:
each Epikey represents a stage in your routine.

  • Perfect your musical itinerary: add or eliminate stages/Epikeys
  • Activate the Map (>) and at every stage of your routine you'll be listening to the “right” playlist, with the most appropriate music you've linked to each Epikey
  • Link Music to each Epikey/step
  • Enjoy playlists that are always different: every playlist generated queues the tracks played during your last session to the end
  • You can adjust the timeline of the sequence by setting the duration of each stage/Epikey: Epicentric will run the playlists in order according to the time frames set
  • You can mark the beginning of each stage of your routine with specific sounds (eg. vocals or instrumental breaks, the sound of a gong...) by choosing the “Play First” option

Add AUDIO and IMAGES that you find useful and stimulating.

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