My music collection

ORGANIZE your Music by genre, sub-categories, artists and albums
and enjoy INFINITE PLAYLISTS from your entire record collection!

  • Enhance your collection with an ordered and comprehensive overview, and quickly access the music you want
  • Turn on your personal “radio” by clicking (>) “My Music Collection”: you'll bring up a playlist with all the tracks of all your Epikeys!
  • Enjoy playlists that are always different: every playlist generated queues the most recently played tracks to the end
  • Bring up playlists by genre, artist or album by clicking the PLAY ICON on parts of the Map or single Epikeys
  • Listen to albums or tracks in a specifically ordered sequence by choosing the options in the Streaming Engine
  • Fine-tune your listening experience to your desires with the EQ settings on entire branches of the Map (eg. by genre)

Have you got photos of concerts, artist or album covers?
Link them to your Map and you'll get multimedia playlists!

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