My mourning routine

Create a SOUNDTRACK for each stage of your morning routine:
from when you wake up until you step out the door.

  • Begin your day with your musical itinerary: each numbered Epikey is sequenced and represents part of your routine
  • Link Music to each Epikey/step
  • Activate the Map (by clicking the PLAY ICON) and at every stage of your routine you'll be listening to the “right” playlist, with the most appropriate music you've linked to the respective Epikey
  • Enjoy playlists that are always different: every playlist generated queues the tracks played over the past few days to the end
  • You can adjust the timings of the sequence by setting the duration of each stage/Epikey: Epicentric will run the playlists in order according to the timeline set
  • You can mark the beginning of each stage of your routine with specific sounds (eg. vocals or instrumental breaks) by choosing the “Play First” option

Add AUDIO and IMAGES to the Map and enhance your experience even more!

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