Travel log

COLLECTORGANIZE and REDISCOVER your holiday photos
so you can relive and share the good times and sensations.

  • Get a complete and ordered overview of your collection: quickly access and enjoy the photos you want
  • Design your Map according to what suits you best, subdivided into continents / geographical areas / countries / places and towns, events, etc.
  • Activate (>) the Epikeys of a trip or groups of them: enjoy casually ordered playlists made up of all the related photos
  • You'll be able to enjoy experiences that are always different: every playlist generated queues the images viewed most recently to the back
  • You can jot down headings and notes from your trips in the description field (@) of every Epikey and each photo
  • When you share your Map in part or in its entirety, you can make use of the comments tab to relate and describe your trips to your friends

Add a soundtrack to each Epikey to create the right mood:
make your trips more breathtaking and exciting!

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