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Epicentric - The power of music

Your limitless variety of visual contents

Finally you can have a one-and-only-place to collect, organize, and enjoy all your visual content:
photos, images, videos and any kind of visual file you may own.

You can both upload your private material and arrange public domain
content (link/embed) from other platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

Your whole visual collection at your fingertips

Epicentric - Your whole music collection at your fingertips

Enjoy your visual content wherever you are, whenever you like.

Access your Epicentric® from any of your devices.

Your very unique visual universe

Epicentric - Shape your very unique music universe

Use a revolutionary system to organize and enhance your collection.
Create Epikeys, Links & Maps to classify and arrange files as desired by
focusing on yourself: emotions, memories, projects, activities...

Design your thematic, conceptual or chronological Maps, and generate
your visual playlists with just one click.

Infinite possibilities

Use Epicentric® to create your truly personal photo albums, travel reportage,
educational & learning pathways, and any other visual experience for publishing as
well as for pleasure.

Create multimedia journeys, including your music and audios, too!

You can also relate and describe each visual content or sequence-step by adding
headings, notes, quotes and comments.

Take a look at what you could do

Check out some ready-map templates:
you’ll be able to use and customize them as much as you like.

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Travel log

You can do that in just 4 easy steps!

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