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Epicentric - The power of music

Your limitless variety of contents

Finally you can have a one-and-only-place to collect, organize, and enjoy all your audio content:
podcasts, audiobooks, speeches, voice notes, sounds & effects and any
kind of audio
file you may own.

You can both upload your private material and arrange public domain
content (link/embed).

It goes without saying that Epicentric® works great with your music, too!

Your whole audio library at your fingertips

Epicentric - Your whole music collection at your fingertips

Listen to your audios wherever you are, whenever you like.

Access your Epicentric® from any of your devices.

Your very unique universe of sounds & voices

Epicentric - Shape your very unique music universe

Use a revolutionary system to arrange, explore, and share your audio
collection and make the most out of it in your life.

Focus on yourself and create Epikeys, Links & Maps to classify, put in
order, group your files according to your own criteria and needs (emotions, goals, projects...).

Generate your truly personal playlists with just one click.

Take a look at what you could do

Check out some ready-map templates:
you’ll be able to use and customize them as much as you like.

Business and training

My guided sessions

My audio library

You can do that in just 4 easy steps!

Get exactly the listening experience you want

Epicentric - Shape your very unique music universe
Epicentric - Shape your very unique music universe
Epicentric - Shape your very unique music universe

Epicentric® offers you a tool set of innovative features.

You can play ordered or casual sequences, even timed by setting a
duration for each listening step, edit files by using AudioCrop ,
and much more!

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