Get the most out of your digital universe

Get the most out of
your digital universe

Epicentric universe
Epicentric dancer

Your one-and-only sacred space

Your one-and-only
sacred space

Upload or link any digital content without limits

Epicentric - Your powerful multimedia station




Your powerful Multimedia Station

Imagine, create and take back control!

Epicentric - Your powerful Multimedia Station

Enhance your collection

Choose, enhance and care for what’s important to you

Epicentric - Enhance your collection

Organize it just the way you like it

Create your Maps and shape your digital universe


Epicentric - Organize it just the way you like it


Kick back, relax and enjoy your streaming!

Generate your very own unique multimedia playlist from your Maps...

Generate your very own unique multimedia playlist

...and stream your emotions from wherever you are!

Enjoy your streaming

Share your world

Create private sharing spaces to experience each other’s dimension

Private Sharing Spaces

Sharing with Epicentric® is something else!

Private Sharing Spaces

Connect to yourself

The very heart of the Epicentric® revolution

See how it works!

Empower yourself


Epicentric® empowers you to consciously choose and integrate any and all material of value from the digital world, gradually helping you chart your journey of discovery and creation of your unique, individual Self.

Kick back, relax and enjoy your streaming

Unleash your digital passion

Unleash your
digital passion

Discover your Epicentric®'s infinite potential

Subscription offers

A straight, fair and simple win-win subscription model.
We’re committed to providing you with a useful, and constantly improving tool in return for a low monthly subscription.


0 monthly

Storage Space: 3 GB

Streaming Quality:
96 Kbps

50 hours use

Sharing Spaces:
Invite up to 2 People


7 monthly

Storage Space: 100 GB

Streaming Quality:
128 Kbps


Sharing Spaces:
Invite up to 7 People


15 monthly

Storage Space: 1 TB

Streaming Quality:
320 Kbps


Sharing Spaces:
Invite up to 21 People

Your privacy is sacred

We will not share your data with any third party. We do not engage in any surveillance capitalism whatsoever!

Experience without distractions

NO ads.
NO unsolicited notifications.
NO suggestions.

Full respect of your wallet

Conveniently pay month by month. You’re free to change plan or cancel your subscription at any time.

Epicentric® lovers

Giovanna De Maio

"It connects you to the most important person: yourself."

Giovanna De Maio - Psicologa, Psicoterapeuta, Love coach.
Craig Pruess

"Epicentric® excites me for a lot of reasons. I especially want to underline two:

1) I love the way I organize my "musical universe", it is an experience that becomes discovery of myself and ... WOW! it's really great. Moreover,
2) getting in touch with other people's musical sphere makes me discover music that I never came across before ..."

Craig Pruess - World musician, arranger, producer, award-winning composer.
Matteo Giovanni Manzini

"Epicentric® has made my job easier and more effective. Precision, lots of combinations, immediate responses...
I feel it, my students feel it"

Matteo Giovanni Manzini - Breath Coach, Presidente di A.I.R.- Associazione Italiana Rebirthing

The Epicentric® Vision

We love digital tools that foster Human Intelligence and proactivity



Self Connected

Discover our philosophy